September 16, 2012

Today's words

Words by myself.

For pitiful you

I feel pity for you who did harm.
Have you forgotten "Law of Causality?".
Harm done surely comes back to the doer.

Causality is the Rule of the Nature, applies to everything, everyone, nations to individuals.
Causality came to be when this world was created.
It runs like an underground river all these years, and has acted on all occurrences, from macro to micro levels.
It is something we cannot neglect but accept.
Have you really forgotten it?
What happened to thousands of years of wisdom of yours?

Don't be agitated by mob psychology.
Whatever the reason, harm you do comes back to YOU.

You think you are unseen in the mob.
But the Law of Causality is watching you, keeping records.

Mob eventually disappears, but the fact that you did harm remains, and you yourself will suffer later.
Oh, pitiful you.

You think you have reason to do harm, but you are only releasing your own frustrations onto the others.
Oh, you, poor child.

Doing good to the others enriches your mind and life, thus freeing you from all your frustration.
This is the wise way of applying the Law of causality.
Oh, learn it quick, dear child.


Gwil W said...

I believe what this says to be true. I really like it.

Now you might like to try these corrections:

. . . for you who did harm.
Harm done surely comes back . . .
harm you do comes back . . .
that you did harm remains . . .
you have reason to do harm . . .

I would add 'an' before - underground river.

I 'd make it 'thousands of years of wisdom'.

I'd make it 'doing good to the others'

Good luck,

kuni_san said...

Thanks. I made all the corrections you suggested.

Gwil W said...

Just one typo as far as I can see: the word is "occurrences". Note there is no letter "a" in it but there are two doubles: "cc" and a double "rr".

Best wishes,

kuni_san said...

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

from the crows of Kesennuma all the sounds