December 31, 2012

Prayer Walk

Since this summer, I have been walking daily as I sing Mikagura-uta songs. Mikagura-uta consists of 128 waka form poems, revealing the teaching of Tenrikyo. The singing takes about 40 minutes to complete so I walk about that duration.

I named this "Prayer Walk", my personal endeavor. I include a number of people in the prayer. I did the last walk of this year now.
In the photo is the pathway to the Tenrikyo Church Sanctuary, and my jogging shoes.


Lewis Nakao said...

Thanks for linking to us!

Singing the Mikagura-uta during your daily commute is a very good way of memorizing the 12 Songs. My uncle was doing that.

kuni_san said...

Hi Lewis. I've memorized them all, but if your thought drifts, the words get stuck. What you store in your head is like intricate glass work, you need to take care of it daily. Have a happy new year.