January 3, 2013

Haiga 993 - Yosa Buson

Haiku by Yosa Buson. Artwork by myself

Fine days continue since the beginning of this year. I took a walk, had a cup of hot coffee and a doughnut, and then walked again. I looked up the bright sky, admired new sun and cloud in the blue.
In the olden days, kids played with kite in new year's days, but not any more. They probably prefer to play computer games in their warm house.

As I walked, occasionally looking up the empty sky, I remembered this Buson haiku about a kite. Buson lived on as a fine painter, but as a haiku poet, he was almost obscure till his death, and many many year later, Masaoka Shiki recognized his haiku. Buson became a great haijin, as important as Basho.

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