September 14, 2013


One of my haiku friends sent me this photo this morning. She says that the fish is painted on a parking lot ground. Unusual place to paint a fish, but I like the photo a lot, hence this haiga.


Alan Summers said...

Love the image, photo, and haiku.

Which urban area is it? A former fishing port, or just a great cheering up piece of urban artwork. Either way, thumbs up! :-)

warm regards,

Alan, With Words

kuni_san said...

The fish was originally a white line on a parking lot. With time, the line wore off, and came to look like this. Amazing.

Alan Summers said...

Thanks, that's a great story in itself! :-)

kindest regards,


Gwil W said...

Like a real fish in real water seen from above and a little blurred. You caught it and that's no angler's tale.