May 4, 2015


A few times a month, I eat my breakfast at a small cafe in my town. 
The other day, when I was having my usual menu, I saw the cafe cock cutting a pineapple behind the counter. 
"Can I have the head part of the pineapple?" 
I asked her just as she was throwing it away into the waste bin. It was a rather strange request but she was nice enough to pack it in a plastic bag and handed it to me with a smile.
With my illustration of the southern sea in the back, I photographed the pineapple.


Gwil W said...


Gillena Cox said...

my my; i should have done that to the one i discarded a few days ago; now why didn't i think of that

morning sunshine -
in a stump of pineappple
zest of fragrance

much love...

kuni_san said...

Thanks for the comments and haiku.
I spent my formative years in Hawaii, so I seem to jump at on anything that reminds me of the place.