October 5, 2015

3 Haiga books now

In a short span of time, I made three haiga books, thanks to an online photo service. I have all the original data so I just have to do some layout arrangement.

No.1 book is "Ban'ya Natsuishi +Kuniharu Shimizu Haiga"
The book has 28 color plates.
Price: 8 USD or 7 EURO (postage included)

No. 2 book is "Matsu Basho +Kuniharu Shimizu Haiga"
I have made a revision and now, the book contains 70 color plates. The haiku are selected from "Narrow Road of the Deep North", "Nozarashi Kiko", and "Oi no Kobumi".
Price: 13 USD or 12 EURO (postage included)

No. 3 book is "Kuniharu Shimizu Haiga". ( my own haiku and artworks)
The book has 40 color plates, and 4 pages of haibun.
Price is: 10 USD or 9 EURO (postage included)

All books are bi-lingual, JP and Eng.

For purchasing, write email to me : seehaikuhere@gmail.com

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