October 1, 2015

Logo and naming assignment

An old friend of mine visited me the other day.
When I started designing homepages back in 1995, this friend helped me quite a bit. He has been working as a system engineer since then, quite successfully, and now he wants to explore IT technology that helps the challenged people. He asked me to come up with a new company name and its logo.
We talked for about two hours; he talked about the concept of the new company, and I tried to clarify what he was saying. 
A few days later, after having tossed around in my mind various images pertaining to the concept, I came up with the followings:

As for the name, I made up a hybrid one, that is, Japanese + English words.
Mina means everybody in JP. Well is, well.
As for the mark, I made an organic shape of M, which is turned around to become W. Combined the two in a dynamic form.


Harley King said...


humbird said...

This is a very creatively done!

kuni_san said...

Thanks for your comments.
Logo making is like Haiga making to me. Haiku is my client, and I try to visualize what the haiku wants to say.