February 14, 2016

Haruki Murakami's house in Hawaii

I happened to come across the following webpage yesterday.


Most of you readers of my blog probably know who Murakami is. As a living novelist, he has somehow managed to publish his books in many foreign countries, which other Japanese writers have failed to do. There are some, like Banana Yoshimoto and Natsuo Kirino, but not to the extent of Murakami books. The article on this webpage seems to show that extent.

Having read it, my impression is more on Yoko-san, Murakami’s wife, who hardly appears in the media. She seems to be a nice person.


The house Murakami lived in Honolulu between 2005 to 2014. 

Built in 1927, the house is the fusion of American Craftsman architectural style with local Hawaiian materials. It is registered as a historic place. I found about it and its location through "National Register of Historic Places Registration Form", and the photo is from Google street view.

On the upper left corner is a glimpse of the monkey pod tree in question. In the distance, you see a faint silhouette of the Diamond Head. A really nice location.

Looking at the Google map, I noticed that a public library, for which I designed a logo mark, was just a short walk from the house. One thing leads to the other. Interesting.

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Stephanie Campbell said...

Mr. Murakami. I do have your Hard-boiled Apoca novel. However I was weary to read it... I become discouraged by those whom have not made it this far. I say we leave alone these things. Everyone should pray. It's very easy to get rid of your own inclinations, I often wonder the cloaks people choose to wear each day. Mine is a fusion of many ideals and faith to Jesus.

I hope I don't scare you with this direct email. hahah! I don't think you are crazy, I understand that you have seen a lot of things through your mind's eye. Please pray with me today, to put the grossness to rest. Sleepiness is not something for daytime. At times I become a top, or a twist of relief. My hearth is safe.

Yours Truly,
Gabriel and St. Michael