April 23, 2016

Pali Library, a novel

If you lived long enough, there would be one or two incidents that stick to your mind. I have one of those, something that happened when I was around 32 years old, and have meant to materialize it for so long in some form or another.

And finally, I decided to write a novel based on the incident, which eventually became a 360-page novel in Japanese. I guess the thing had been fermenting in my mind so long that it took about a month and a half to finish the manuscript. Was quite a smooth writing experience.

The story is about a small library and a pre-school that existed in the lot shown in the photo below. It is a story about people who were tossed around by the kind of forces an individual cannot fight against but resign to. Rather sad theme, but I tried to make it Hawaii-like by throwing in humorous aspects here and there.

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