August 21, 2016

Haibun: My Seiko

I will be 67 coming September. The body, though the hair has turned grey and skin leatherly, still stays with me in rather good shape. On my arm, where blood veins stand out, is a wrist watch. It is a Seiko. I got it when I married. The first waterproof watch Seiko manufactured, but other than that, there is nothing fancy about it. 

The watch, too, has been with me all this time, for more than 40 year, in pretty good shape, though I changed the wrist band many many times. I have had a few other watches in the past, and each time, this Seiko rested in the drawer for a while. And when the newer watch broke, the Seiko came back on my wrist. 

Just a few days ago, my Casio, a radio watch and solar powered, started telling me wrong time. I took it to a shop but was told there was nothing to be done. So, today, the Seiko is on my wrist again, telling the correct time. 


Old wrist watch – 

the present time 

still on its face


I did this small painting of my Seiko sometime ago.