September 1, 2016

Haibun: Me and fishes

Like most any kids, I did my share of fishing when I was small. In the area where I lived, there were many ponds. For the Farmers, the ponds were for irrigation purpose, because there was no big rivers there. For kids, the ponds provided perfect fishing spots. 

Thinking back those days, I just do not see how I spent so much time just sitting on the bank of the pond and waiting for fishes to bite. I think I was probably doing some philosophizing, not about big themes like the life, the existence, and such, but just maybe about comparing the world I live and the one where fishes live. I felt superior to fishes in small ponds because I lived in wider world. 

 Years later, I left home alone, and was on a ship, crusing in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Being awestruck by the endless expanse of the sea, I felt so small, and vulnerable.

 Missing home -

ocean fishes jumping

and laughing at me

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