October 11, 2016

Sports Day

One of the signs of the autumn in Japan is the sport day of schools. All across Japan, the sports day takes place at all the schools, preschools up to high schools. 
Today is the day for my grandkids. I went out to see their performance, and caught the sight of my granddaughter before she began the activity.


vegahelp said...

I spent time touring the middle-schools of Fukushima province in '98. I went with a cultural exchange performance group from Ohio. Your picture brought back vivid memories of the central courtyards in most of the schools. Thank you for reminding me of those wonderful memories.

kuni_san said...

Thanks for visiting Fukushima.
Hope you had good time there.

Steliana Cristina Voicu said...

It's nice to have a day dedicated to sport.
I loved the haiga.
And the little girl is so sweet!
Blessings and warm wishes,

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Steliana. That girl is so active that she is almost like a tomboy.