November 12, 2016


Taking up an old thing again


When I was a college student, I studied the fine art, and on the side, I was a member of Gagaku Emsenble at Univ. of Hawaii. My instrument was Ryuteki, a bamboo flute. We performed regularly on the campus as well as at hotels in Waikiki, and sometimes for local TV and radio.

After I returned to Japan, I somehow drifted away from the Gagaku, and did not touch the flute until a few days ago. More than 40 years of blank costed me much; I could neither make reasonable sounds nor remember all about movements of the fingers and the tune. This was quite shocking to me, for I have promised to play the flute at the next year’s WHA Japan conference (April 29th), to which a prominent Gagaku player from Tokyo Univ. of the Arts will be invited to perform, and I am supposed to join him. I have now about five months to get rid of all the rust and polish my skill.


Entertained by faint chirping

of an old cricket -

a full moon

What Ryuteki flute sounds like, and what musical notation looks like.


The Gagaku Emsenble


What is Gagaku:

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