January 17, 2011

Haiga 476 Melissa Allen haiku

Haiku by Melissa Allen. Artwork by myself.
Melissa sent me a batch of her haiku the other day. I liked this haiku much, and decided to make it into haiga. In my imagination, a comet is like a swallow swishing in the sky, hence this image.
With sumi brush, I first did line drawing of the bird with star head. The shape came out to be too simple, not so appealing by itself. So I tried to enhance the visual interest by adding some textures. The black lines by sumi brush was too strong so I lightened it by subtracting some black.


Area 17 said...

Gorgeous artwork and fun haiku make this haiga a joy to the eyes.

Alan, With Words

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Alan san. This haiga is done in a new approach for me.