January 17, 2011

Haiga 477 Allan Summers haiku

Haiku by Allan Summers. Artwork by myself.
I came to know Allan san through Haijinx web-magazine project some years ago. He sent me a batch of haiku the other day. I liked this haiku right off. To convey the mood of the haiku, I chose this paper-cut out type approach, which was what Matisse used when he did his lithograph series called "Jazz", and is a suitable way to express the nature of the music.


Area 17 said...

Dear kuni_san

Wonderful haiga series, and thank you for the haiga for lime quarter! :-)

Alan Summers

kuni_san said...

Will post another one soon, Alan san.

Area 17 said...

Thanks Kuni-san,

I'm still enjoying the haiga. :-)



You've got my name correct on the haiga, but elsewhere you spell my name as Allan, not Alan.

I'm trying to cut down my "l" ;-)