February 11, 2011

Finally, substantial snow fall

The weather forecast was right. Snow began last night, and the next morning is fully covered with it. I had to walk to give a lecture in the morning. I picked up my camera, and on the way I took many photos. I was a bit late for the lecture but nobody minded.

Snow shines,
a bit of glitter
on commuters' eyes



tom said...

Looks beautiful. We haven't a bad storm this winter - just days of lake effect snow. Over a 160 inches so far. Enjoy the snow!

kuni_san said...

Yes, and please enjoy my little snow ginko, too.

Area 17 said...

I love the photos and the haiku. I've immensely enjoyed the big snow weather of 2010.

I witnessed thundersnow, multiple blizzards followed or preceded by hailstones, from the North of England through to the Midlands.

Even Bristol got its snow, and as Santa Claus at a Mall for background research for a childrens novel, plus useful cashflow for a freelancer such as myself, it was great fun!

Santa duty
a boy asks for a ticket
to Mars

Alan’s Area 17 blog

kuni_san said...

Depending on where you live, what you feel about snow differs.
My place is surrounded by mountains, it's in basin, summer's hot and winter's cold, bitter cold, but hardly any snow. So, the snow this time was a big treat for everyone, young and old here.

Gabi Greve Okayama said...

lovely snow atmosphere !
We got snowed in today ...