April 14, 2011

Haiga 564 Stanford Forrester haiku - dust

Haiku by Stanford Forrester. Artwork by myself.

Each particle of dust is so minute that we tend to neglect it everyday. It however accumulates daily and eventually becomes a stain. Once the stain appears, getting rid of it become very difficult.

I am seeing this nuke problem at the Fukushima power plant as the stain.
Everybody concerned seem to have own agenda about the nuke project. Some were good agenda based on the safety of the facility, but others were on self-centered profit gain, in another word, greed, and that is the dust that has accumulated over time.

There is no good and evil about technology. If the technology failed, the cause would most likely be the dust of the mind. And the dust comes back quickly. So, if the nuke power plant is to be rebuild, checking of the mind is more important than the technology itself.

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Area 17 said...

I like this too.

It reminds me of my own haiku, just recently won a competition:

through the breeze
particles of me

Alan Summers

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