July 27, 2011

Haiga 616 Linked haiga -high-heel shoes

Haiku by Kikko Yokoyama, Max Varhert, and myself. Artwork by myself.

Another linked haiga. Some women love high-heeled shoes, and some don't. The choice of shoes seem to reflect the personality. As for me, I do not have any preference, but am interested though, because the high-heel seems to present more drama than the regular shoes, to present nice theme for artwork and literature, and they seem to articulate certain femininity.


Kirsten Cliff said...

Enjoyed this series, Kuni-san! Thanks for sharing :)

Rudolph Aspirant said...

I love Italian shoes, I just like looking at shoes in various shops, I do not care if they are for women or men...I will admit I absolutely hate the types of shoes that one finds in Norway ! I have not seen anywhere shoes as ugly as these ! The only so-so possibly interesting ones are the traditional national costume shoes, but one can wear those only on the National Holiday, May 17th ! They do have nicer boots, but I have seen better in other countries. I think I will actually have to travel to a foreign country to buy myself my next pair of shoes !