July 28, 2011

Haiga 617 Linked haiga - minimal

Haiku by Cor van den Heuvel and Taneda Santoka. Artowrk by myself.
Haiku is the shortest poem form in the world (I think). Some of them are even shorter, like in these haiku here.
In visual art, there is a school called minimal art, and I feel that the style fits nicely with short poem. In here, both images look almost like pattern design, but adding verse and a little something else make them independent works of art.


Gwil W said...

The shortest poem I know is the following:


had 'em

Rudolph Aspirant said...

I absolutely LOVED the second one, (the one on the right with the dar blue background), especially since, when I looked at the picture from afar, it just seemed to me like a polka dot pattern, but when I enlarged it and looked at it more closely, it seemed much more technical in nature, like a sheet of metal with punched holes, and when I enlarged it even more, I could almost envision/sense balls of ice hitting a hard metal surface...so I think your hai-ku was spot on !

Rudolph Aspirant said...

P.S. Off-topic, since I am almost certain now that I absulutely MUST start saving some $ in order to be ever able to visit Japan, I dare asking you now: if I ever were to visit Osaka, is there a particular sight-seeing spot, (garden, park, building, museum, etc.) that you would recommend me NOT to miss ?

kuni_san said...

Coming from Europe to Japan for the first time, I think Kyoto is better than Osaka to visit, for the former has more historical sites and places of interest for foreigners.

Rudolph Aspirant said...

Thank you very much for your recommendation, I truly appreciate it. I will confess that my dad was once on a relatively short business trip which included Tokyo and Osaka, and he literally came home all dizzy and exhausted...he said he was just stunned by the high level of technology and the transportation...what I think happened is that he literally didn't have the time to take a breath, or to do any calm and peaceful sightseeing, and just spent his time in meetings or in trains, surrounded by "alien" looking youngsters playing with cell phones or MP3 players, incomprehensible vending machines, and stuff like that ! No wonder he got dizzy ! He just couldn't come up with any describing adjectives other than "technologically advanced" and "interesting" !

I had never thought about Kyoto before...although I SHOULD have, because I remembered reading a book once about an American university porofessor visiting Kyoto...now I will start reasearching it. If you have any particular specific not-to-be-missed sightseeing recommendations, or even websites other than those widely known of Frommer, or Lonely Planet, please do not hesitate to write about them.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Kuniharu san. Just yesterday I discovered your haiga blog here, with delight. I have shared two haiga at my blog word pond: http://donnafleischer.wordpress.com/.

I admire your minimalist work especially! I shall visit often. Thank you.

kuni_san said...

Thanks for posting my haiga on your blog. I checked out your blog. Nice graphics there.