December 5, 2011

Haiga 705 Kikko Yokoyama haiku

Haiku by Kikko Yokoyama (Japan). Artwork by myself.

Here and there on the web, there were mentioning of roadside haiku traffic sign. It is a nice collaboration of haiku-like message and artwork.
I sent an email of praise to the NY artist, John Morse, and informed him that there is a genre called haiga. I got reply back from him.

Pictographs for direction and loacation are ubiquitous in our life, namely the toilet sign. They are simple and convey message visually so everybody can understand. If haiku is put together with them, they may make a haiga.

This haiga here is using pictograph for emergency exit, which you find everywhere in Japan.


Gillena Cox said...

nice blend of colours and shapes; haiku says want you want to in so little words

much love...

Alexis Rotella said...

squaring the circle

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Gillena and Alexis.

Senryu+artwork might make a good and interesting signs. I will think about it.