December 6, 2011

Haiga 706 Kanon Sakaishi haiku

Haiku by Kanon Sakaishi (Japan). Artwork by myself.

Kanon san lives in the same area as I do, only her place a bit into the mountain, and closer to Iga Uneno, where Basho was born. Though she is an ordinary housewife, she has won some big haiku awards and is a dedicated haijin.

I watched a YouTube document last night. Interesting story about the money, about government issued money and bank issued money. The economy worldwide is waning like the setting sun in the haiga now. The answer to the problem may rest on who issue the money.

I am off to Tokyo again for several days. Will resume posting when I am back so please stay turned.

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Alexis Rotella said...

in your new photo, the yellow heart is on the wall, I see