December 24, 2011

Haiga 719 Snowman haiku 5

Haiku by Stella Plerides (Germany & UK). Artwork by myself.
When I was making this haiga, I imagined what the snowman was thinking.
Snowman seems to be saying:
"So things happened between he and you, and eventually he left leaving only his hat, which ended up on my head. You did not want to keep something that reminded of him and all the quarrel between you two. I do not mind wearing the hat. When the spring thaw comes, though, I will be gone, but not the hat. I just hate to see the hat rot on the ground.
I know you keep glancing at me and the hat every time you pass by the window. I am sure he keeps on thinking about the hat he had left behind. The winter chill cools your heads little by little.
I am just hoping he will return, maybe on the Christmas Day, with a nice present for you. On the way, he would pick up the hat, put it on his head again, and just pop up at your door. So, let's keep the fingers crossed.


Jessica Tremblay said...

Great haiku by Stella. And great artwork to illustrate it. Happy Holidays!

Jože Kos Sine said...

Here are my three haiku songs without accompanied pictures but accompanied by my music (voice, guitar):