March 18, 2009

Haiga 181

Haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi of Japan.
Sayumi's husband's haiku. Ban'ya wrote a batch of haiku about his eye desease, which were later included in his haiku book. I made the cover and illustrations for the book. This haiga is one of the illustrations. The original was black and white. I added colors and some elements.


bandit said...

I'm lucky to have my sight, though it is becoming weaker.
Coincidently, this just the other day-

sun in my eyes
her beauty resides
in my memory

My best wishes to our afflicted haijin.

kuni_san said...

Good haiku, John-san. Here is my renku to follow;
Lying down on the grass
slight itch on my back

bandit said...

wind and clouds
changing with my moods
raindrops on my cheek

Linda Brazeau said...

Very poignant haiga. I wish him well.


kuni_san said...

Here is another renku to follow:

Another rainy day
she brightens her make up

bandit said...

my face!
a startled snowbird
in the window

I feel I've imposed on you too much, kuni_san. You are too kind.

I think you know how to find me.
I haven't much to offer, but you're
welcome anytime.


kuni_san said...

I enjoyed the renku. We will do this again sometime.

Spring sky,
two clouds coming together
and then part

kuni_san said...

Linda-san: Please be at ease, he has recovered and energetically writing haiku. Plus that, he organized two haiku and poem festivals since then.

Linda Brazeau said...

Kuni san: Thank you - I'm glad to hear that.