March 19, 2009


The photograph and the haiku (or maybe a senryu) are by myself.


Linda Brazeau said...

Very nice black and white photo and humorous haiku.

kuni_san said...

Thanks.Haiku, with its brevidy, is a good companion to the photograph. Photo-haiku is becoming big in Japan recently. But because most of haijin do not write haiku in English, their artworks are hardly seen by the foreigners. For the WHA haiga contest, very few Japanese send submission, while more and more submissions are coming from the world, the situation I wish to change.

John McDonald said...

nice one kuni san

Poet in Residence said...

There's a great line a Thomas Bernhard play where an old man says: the spectacles I used to read Voltaire with I now need to see to cut my toenails.

An ancient statue has no worries.

RBroeker said...

A big foot, a fine haiku. And I smile. Thank you.

Best wishes