March 24, 2009

Haiga 185

Another haiku by Carol Purington of the USA.
Spring can be felt even in a confined room. Carol observes the limited nature from the window, makes a sketch, and then add her imagination. That is what makes her haiku unique among numerous haiku written only from sketching. In a way, her haiku is closer to the present day haiku in Japan. Contemporarly Japanese haiku has come a long way from "shasei"(sketch) haiku adovocated by Masaoka Shiki.


John McDonald said...

delightful haiku illustrated beautifully

Linda Brazeau said...
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Linda Brazeau said...

beautifully done.


Somebody put an ad comment. I deleted it right away. I hope this is the indication that my blog is gaining attention.

bandit said...

Oh, yes, Kuni_san, it is.
My nephew is an art professor at a small college in the southeast
U.S. I suggested he could work
with haiga (art infuenced by poetry )in class and his eyes lit up!

kuni_san said...

Teaching haiga in classroom is a good idea. Haiku always gives me inspiration and imagination for my artworks. As a fine artist, I one time became at a loss, could not find anything interesting to paint, and then I met haiku, and ended up making more than 1000 artwork, however small they are.