March 25, 2009

Haiga 186

Haiku by Masajo Suzuki of Japan.
Masajyo-san wrote many love haiku. She used to run a small pub called "Unami(April wave)" in Ginza, Tokyo. The pub was later passed on to her grandson. The first time I visited the pub, the grandson and I hit it off right away, because he lived some time in Hawaii, and I lived there all my highschool and college years, and we both like the place very much.
I frequented the pub whenever I had a chance to visit Tokyo. My haiga works for Masajo-san decorated the pub's wall. And then two years ago, I learned that the pub would be demolished because of the city planning.
I made my own haiku/haiga about April wave:
Wetting my color-faced
Aloha shirts,
April waves


John McDonald said...

love the haiga and your own haiku is delightful (terrific name for a pub by the way)

jinksy said...

Perfect illustration for Spring sadness...

Linda Brazeau said...

Very sad and the emotive haiga beautifully illustrated.

kuni_san said...

Our mind seems to wear glasses. Depending on their color, anything, including spring season,is viewed differently, for some it is a happy view and for others a sad one.

kuni_san said...

This "pub" is called "Izakaya" in Japanese. It is quite different from the one in, say UK. At Izakaya, you can order all kinds of drinks, there are lots and lots of small plates to go with the drinks, sea food, meat, vegitable of the season, etc, etc.
I really miss Unami.

Alan Summers said...

Beautiful and poignant.

A shame that your work along with the pub was demolished.

all my best,
With Words Haiku Competition 2009

kuni_san said...

The pub is no longer there, but my haiga are at hand of the ex-pub owner, decorating his apartment walls.

Alan Summers said...

Excellent! I'm really glad to hear that, it would have been a terrible waste.