March 28, 2009

Haiga 189

Haiku by Alenka Zorman of Slovenia.
Alenka wrote this haiku around the time when she became a grandmother.
It must be comforting to observe your daughter and her newborn enjoying the warm of the Spring.

I have three grandchildren myself. It is comforting to know that the DNA I received has been passed on to the future generation.

There is the idea of rebirth, and I believe in it. Even if I do not have child in this life, there is the next life for me (for my soul to be precise). My soul will receive a new body, will get marry, and will have children.

A newborn,
in his small grip
seeds for big future


John McDonald said...

all true well said

jinksy said...

Great illustration for this one.

Linda Brazeau said...

lovely illustration and haiku. grandchildren are such rays of sunshine all year round.

Alenka said...

Kuni san,
my sincere thanks!

My grandson is now 5.
Since 1 January '09 he and his parents have been living in Denmark. My husband and I miss them very much. I visited them in February/March (for two weeks).

Warm regards from Copenhagen and Ljubljana,


Alenka said...

And all my best to you, your wife and your 'extended' family. Enjoy!

Interesting word verification: "theedges", isn't it?

Alenka said...

Have to say this too: haiga 189. What a coincidence: 8 & 9 are the numbers of my birth date (and 7). They appear so many times, when I write haiku, when I am happy etc. I take them like a sign of my sincerity.

with "rownine" word verification ... :)

kuni_san said...

Thank you everyone for nice comments.
Alenka-san: My wife and I moved to an new address last fall, and now my son's family (young wife, a baby boy and a baby girl) has joined us. Children's voices, laughing and crying, are becoming a must for our house, and sometimes make me forget my age.
I made many haiga for you, Alenka-san. I will post them here time to time so stay turned. I checked your website and found many photo-haiga. Why don't you share them at World Haiku Association haiga contest.