May 6, 2009

Day Four, the final day of the exibition

On the last day, I received yet another gift of flowers. I arranged the flowers around the "World Haiku 2009 Anthology", which I sold at the exibition. This exhibition is the first time for me to exhibit my haiga in the actual gallery setting, and I am very happy that it ended with a big success.


silyoon said...

Kuni san,

My warmest Congratulations on your successful haiga exhibition!

I am sorry to miss the chance to see your nice works.

Hope to see them next time ...


John McDonald said...

yes congratulations kuni san

RBroeker said...

Congratulation from me as well, Kuni san. I enjoy your art very much, and many of your haiga travelled deep into my heart.

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

Yoon-san, John-san, and RBroeker-san, thank you for your comments.
There are a lot nice things about holding an exhibition. One is to receive the flowers. Last time I got flowers was at my wedding, more than 30 years ago.

bandit said...

Congratulations, Kuniharu san!

A handsome photo of you, too!

I don't make such a good photographic subject...
but might we be equals in flower arrangement? 30 years, too, my friend.


Alan Summers said...

Congratulations on the exhibition and the book. This is a really nice photograph. Men should receive flowers more often too!

all my best,

With Words.

Alan Summers said...

Aha! I see the haiga that you created for me here! ;-)

What a treat, thank you for taking some very good photographs of the exhibition.

all my best,

With Words.