July 26, 2009

Haiga 263

Haiku by Aihara, Sagicho.
Aihara san is a head of a haiku organization (200,000 members, I hear) in Matsuyama, a city famous for the birth place of Masaoka, Shiki. Aihara san experienced H-bomb in Hiroshima, wrote many haiku based on his experience. I met him once in my hometown, when he attened a haiku conference held there. A very energetic man.
In this haiga, I drew the boy's head as the dome of a building, which stands at the ground zero, and has remained as H-bomb monument. I added a small dove perching on top of it.


John McDonald said...

great haiku wonderfully illustrated

Linda Brazeau said...

brings tears to my eyes.


Gillena Cox said...

very dramatic haiga; compelling

much love

LadyArt said...

a wonderful verse that touches me profoundly

but, for me the drawing pulls the dramatic of the verse into the ridicule, it just is not necessary...
it does not enhance the meaning, it lowers it...