January 16, 2010

Haiga 308

Haiku by Kohsuke Gomi(pen name): Kohsuke is a retired engineer, living in Shanhai, China with his wife.
I happened to visit his blog and started haiga collaboration.
Niko is a two strings fiddle, and called erhu: http://www.melodyofchina.com/06instruments/erhu.html

Recently I am reading a lot about modern and contemporary Chinese life in Mainland China. There are many of such books both in Japanese and English translations.

One reason for my rising interest in China is that the People's Republic of China and I are the same age, 60 years old. China went through a lot in the long years, and so did the people lived there. I am in constant amazement reading about stories of what such people personally went through, many of which are so different from my life. The amazement propells me to learn more about China...not only about China but perhaps about something universal about humanity.

Chinese people's extraordinary experiences are now being expressed in artistic forms like poems, literature, and visual and performing arts, the state of which is another reason for my rising interest.


Poet in Residence said...

Interesting commentary of yours to the haiku.

By coincidence, yesterday, I bought a cd of short poems by Vikram Seth (after the Chinese poet Du Fu (712-770)).
'Songs in Time of War' is set to music and sung by Mark Padmore (signum classics).

: from the track 'thoughts while Travelling at night':
Drifting, what am I like?
A gull between earth and sky.

: from the track 'A Fine Lady':
She rests against tall bamboo trees at nightfall.
The weather's cold and her blue sleeves threadbare.

Good luck,

Devika said...

Yes, interesting Kuni san...haiga and your note :)