January 19, 2010

Haiga 309

Kanhai by Hideki Ishikura: Kanhai is haiku-like form in Chinese poetry. Mr. Ishikura, a graduate of Tokyo University, and worked life long at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is an expert in kanhai. He enjoys his retirement writing kanhai. He is also a member of WHA, where I came to know him. I expressed to Ishikura-san my interest in kanhai as new challenge for my haiga. He then kindly introduced me to a young Chinese scholar in China. (http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn:8080/web/jinzhong). The scholar is willing to collaborate with me, so there will be more of kanhai-ga artworks here at my blog.

Ishikura-san's kanhai roughly means: Fantasy is, the soul playing in heaven but the body remains grounded


Devika said...

Great one, Kuni san...and thanks for the translation :)


Gillena Cox said...

beautiful indeed; thanks for sharing kanhai with us

much love

Hideki Ishikura said...

Kuni san
Thank you very much for your haiga and the translation of my kan-hai in English.
Your work is very nice!

dear Devika
dear Gillena Cox
Thank you very much for your visit and enjoy our collaboratin kan-hai and haiga.