February 28, 2010

Haiga 316

Haiku by Darko Plazanin.

Ms. Masajyo Suzuki, a love haiku poet, opened an Japanese style pub "Unami (April wave) in Ginza, Tokyo many years ago. The pub had been later run by Suzuki's grandson, and closed at about this time last year. I frequented the pub whenever I was in Tokyo so the closing was a sad new to me. The other day, however, I received a postcard from the son, announcing the reopening of the pub. The new location is just a few steps away from the original place. I am busy this month, but when April comes, I will be there.
Masajo Suzuki: http://www.brooksbookshaiku.com/translations/masajolovehaiku.html

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Alan Summers said...

I love the haiku and the artwork.

I'll look forward to a photo or two of the new pub too! ;-)

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