February 26, 2010

World Haiku 2010

Haiku anthology of world haiku, "World Haiku 2010" is now available at the following URL:
Under "Event" and then "World Haiku Anthology" there is a line that says "World Haiku 2010 book order form: English/Japanese.
Just click the "English", then you get a Word order form downloaded.

The anthology includes; 506 haiku poems by 171 haijin from 35 countries, 24 Junior haiku from Japan and New Zealand, 5 haiku related essays, reports on the 4th Japan WHA Conference and on WHAC5 in Lithuania, and 13 fine haiga from the monthly haiga contest.

This anthology plus all the back issues will be used as the side readings for a literature class at Tokyo University conducted by Ban'ya Natsuishi. The class begins from this spring.


Alan Summers said...

This looks great, both the book and the classes.

all my best,

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Gillena Cox said...

thanks for sharing

much love