March 10, 2010

Haiga 319

Haiku by Stanford Forrrester.

Essentially, particles of dust are so light and minute that they can be blown away by a single puff of breath. If the cleaning is done promptly, dust can be cleared away easily. But dust accumulates quickly and, if we are negligent, the dust will in time pile up so high that the cleaning will be very difficult no matter how hard we attempt to sweep or wipe it away.
Our use of the mind works in much the same way. The dust of the mind (self-centered thoughts, like hatred, self-love, greed, arrogance, and such) can accumulate and become habits of thought and conditioning even before we know it. To prevent this from happening, we need to be moderate about the use of our mind as we live each day.

Mind like clear sky, free of the dust of the mind, is the key to happy and healthy life.


John McDonald said...

love the concrete effect

Haiku King said...

Beautiful. Love the image and the thought about the mind. Spring cleaning time.

Gillena Cox said...

good thoughts to ponder and practice; nice haiga

much love