March 16, 2010

E-book project 1

I am in the process of compiling a haiga e-book "Narrow Road to the Deep North" by Matsuo, Basho.
The image here is the rough structure of this bilingual book. You read either English or Japanese text, and when you come to Basho's haiku, you simply click it, and then you get haiga for the haiku.

When completed, the e-book will be sold at Amazon, and other online shops. The e-book can be viewed on Kindle, Ipad, other e-reader devices, and PC monitors. I am working with a publishing firm in Los Angles, which has been supplying Japan related literatures to Amazon.

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Alan Summers said...

This is a very exciting project!

I can highly recommend this as I have been following kuni-san's work for many years.

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