March 24, 2010

Haiga 321

Haiku by Pete Yobu. It is raining here and so is in the haiga. Familiar smile, right?


Gabi Greve said...

love in my heart
on this rainy morning -
it must be spring

continuous rain in Okayama, and still going on, with yukidaruma in the weather forecast for the night ...


Gillena Cox said...

that famous smile of The Mona Lisa;
another fine haiga in you old masters series

much love

Anonymous said...

I like specially the drawing in the style Picasso used to draw. Very few lines form this face. That's a masterpiece.

Best wishes

RBroeker said...

The simple thing is the true thing. I like this one.

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for encouraging comments.

Yes, I believe in simplicity, too.

snowbird said...

Kuni-san, It is raining here too. It has rained for days and days. Smiles fade in the rain after awhile, so a haiga-smile is something to be thankful for.
Many thanks for your humor and art.