July 27, 2010

Haiga 356

Haiku by myself. The photo is from www.crossfit.com/
People exercising is common contemporary scene, and because of that, I feel it is a good theme for fine arts like painting, sculpture, photography. Also it is a good source of photo-haiga.

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Devika said...

haha! This made me laugh, Kuni San...and what a photo for the haiga :)

How the Wonderland felt about Alice is perhaps her question back? A question for a question often holds the answer they say :)

well i went a little beyond Kuni San....hope you don't mind; and agree that its needed sometimes :)


kuni_san said...

Oh, I don't mind. Very intellectual comment.Thanks. By the way, do you use Twitter? My account is: @seehaikuhere

Devika said...

No... I'm not anywhere else except blogs...but i'll keep the id, in case i have it..thank you Kuni san :)