July 28, 2010


I have not done much illustration recently, but finally I got around to making one. My interest now is to take up exercising people as a theme of artworks. This series will be called "Alive and Fit" Series. I could add haiku to the illustration, but I feel that it is independent, has enough message of its own, so I post it as is. If you readers can come up with haiku for it, you are welcome to submit it as comment. Hope everybody is alive and fit in this summer, which is becoming quite challenging here in Japan. It's hot, hot, hot.


Ernesto y Felisa said...

hello, from Spain, Santiago de Compostela, i've just found your blog... I like very much haikus, it's like a little condensed microcosmos. i'll come back and i'll enyou with each entry of your blog. i liked very much.
Felisa (i'll come back soon)

Ernesto y Felisa said...

on the wire. hanging. you must keep the balance. poise. calm down.
you're live and light like a feather.

Felisa. (Hope you like it, for this illustration.)

Haiku King said...

summer afternoon —

day dreaming

among the clouds

kuni_san said...

Thank Ernesto y Felisa for visiting my haiku art blog, and for contributing a short poem ( I think that is what it is, right?).
Haiku King san, thank you also for the haiku.

Devika said...

very nice illustration...full of energy -- words may fail to convey, i think :)