November 19, 2010

Haiga 424

Haiku and photo by myself. I had taken this photograph a few days ago, because the vivid contrast of red and green caught my eyes. I contemplated haiku while looking at the photo, and came up with this one here. Then yesterday, the book "Red Leaves" came. Nice coincidence.

The body perishes, but the core of life, which I like to believe is the soul, continues to live and moves on to the next life cycle.

This haiga is a good example of how haiku verse and image interact.
Haiku alone is:

Red leaves...
resting on green clover
to be born green again

But with the photo, you need not write "red" and "clover" because the photo has those information.


Gillena Cox said...


circle of life/ mystery of the soul

much love

Anonymous said...

I like it, it seems as UROBOROS,
and has the shape of samsara


Christine said...

Thank you for the informative post and original haiku. I liked how the text flowed in a circle as well in the haiga. So lovely!

kuni_san said...

Thank you for kind comments.
Red, orange, yellow, the warm colors everywhere now.
Autumn is at its peak here, at an ancient town where I live.

kuni_san said...

UROBOROS. In a way, yes. But I'd like to think that the life cycle is like a spiral, each life cycle starts from a little higher place. It is like, leaves fall, and new buds sprout at a little higher branch because trees grow every year. Nature functions this way, so why not us human?