November 20, 2010

Haiga 425

Haiku and photo by myself. Another haiga of rebirth theme.


Devika said...

so many good additions this week, Kuni-san...i especially liked the red leaves..and would have loved to read the story :)

Congratulations on the publication :)


kuni_san said...

Thanks, Devika san. I am grateful that I was giving this publishing opportunity.

Ernesto y Felisa said...

The beautiful of the yellow leaves of the ginkos, there is one, near of my house, I love its fall, sf the wind blow, it's like a yellow snow.
Thanks for the haiga, Kuni-san

Alegria Imperial said...

What a wonderful place to soothe the heart and spirit with your haiga! I am glad I strayed into here. I was particularly awed by yuor gingko haiga.

Until I met Matsumi, a nice Japanese lady who now lives in Vancouver, I hardly ever noticed the three gingko trees framing a park right across the Holy Rosary Cathedral where I go to holy mass almost daily. Before we said good-bye that day we became friends, Matsumi pulled me outside to point at the trees to me. I know how a gingko looks but haven't gushed over its beauty until Matsumi did and seeing it with her eyes, I have since composed haiku about it until they had shed all their leaves.

I am a haiku "novice". Very few of the haiku I submit are ever accepted. But rejections have not stopped me from writing ku. And may I share these surely imperfect haiku written on yet another day I passed by the gingko trees.

gingko tree
without its leaves, same spirit
same symmetry

ruined by the rain
shredded by my steps--
gingko leaves

Alegria Imperial

kuni_san said...

Thank you for a long comment, Alegria san.
You are lucky that you came to know Matsumi san, who had invited you to a new way to observe things around you. The second haiku is nice, but perhaps you might want to change "my steps" to just "footsteps". Make it more general. You do not want to be so cruel to the leaves.

Alegria Imperial said...

Thank you for your kind response. Yes, I've been lucky to have met Matsumi san. Not only my eyes but it seems, all my senses have since been awakened to everything around me. Thank you for liking my second haiku and telling me to be gentle with the leaves!