November 5, 2010

School exhibition

This photo is a scene of haiga exhibition held at a high school near Tokyo. An English teacher there had requested my permission to use some haiga from WHA monthly haiga contest. And she wanted to exhibit her students' english haiku and haiga along with the WHA haiga. She reported to me a few days ago that many people had shown interests in the exhibit, and she was happy the exhibition had gone so well. I am happy, too, that WHA haiga contributed to such a well-received exhibition.


Alan Summers said...

What a wonderful opportunity for students to see haiku combined with art.

My only criticism is that I would love to zoom in to read the haiku, and delve into your fine artwork. ;-)

all my very best

2010 With Words Haiku Competition: weblink

kuni_san said...

I read most of the haiku written by the students. Among them, I have picked one to post on the next WHA monthly haiga contest.