December 21, 2010

Haiga 454

Haiku by myself. Photo by my youngest brother.

My brother, Tommo, works for Sharp Electric Co. He and his family recently moved to Dubai, where the climate is apparently different from Japan. Tommo's little boy is looking at something, but he did not tell. So, I just let my imagination work, and wrote the haiku. Dad is working at one of those high-rise, and the boy is at beach playing with crab.


Devika said...

smart boy...just that crab is not a good thing to play with!

Nice urban-nature haiga, Kuni-san :)


kuni_san said...

Ishikawa, Takuboku, a well known Japaese poet, once wrote a waka poem:

Here on this white sand
of a small island's beach at Tokai
I am in tears
as I play with a crab
(rough translation by me)

Devika said...

Poets are more smart sometimes...they say things they do not do or mean! they can just imagine about everthing!may be atleast with some,

Ishikawa was perhaps satirical and sad?...satirical tanka or is it called waka? must be interesting...will explore; i've read about him :)