December 22, 2010

Haiga 455

Haiku by myself. Photo is by Toni Piccini of Italy.
Toni sent me a batch of photographs of snow. This one caught my eyes, and then added a haiku. The Nature is so huge and complex. Artists have been tackling with it: some imitating it, some attacking it....only to the extent of small addition to it.
This photo shows a nice addition, scraping snow like this. Very creative. Jasper Jones, a NY painter in '50s, used this scraping method often. It kind of shows the passage of time, and enhances the flatness of the picture plane.


Devika said...

To see art as an addition to nature is so much a good way to look at it....wonder if nature needs that addition?....exploitation was what i thought of it....but how can poets and artists who look at it and write verses or create art exploit or attack nature...Guess they can only imitate/copy...its the corporate-government-media syndicate that exploits, displacing it's people and exploiting the resources,

I know i don't have to say all that to you....just sharing my thoughts, Kuni-san,

Good haiga,...and so much expressive about the picture, :)


kuni_san said...

Nice comment, Devika san.
Addition perishes eventually, but not the Nature itself so I guess the Nature is broad-minded that it does not mind a little addition.
You are right about imatate/copy. It is the tradition in Japanese art and I guess in Asian art, too.

Devika said...

Yes, Kuni-san... i can say of myself...i don't think i would have developed any interest in art or poetry/sculpture/painting or even music -- if I had not been able to relate it to elements of nature :)