January 14, 2011

Haiga 474 An'ya haiku

Haiku by An'ya. Artwork by myself.
Around 1999, an unknown woman emailed me, asking if I could make something called haiga for her haiku. The woman was An'ya. I had no knowledge of haiga, but since it is my nature not to be able to say "No", I said Ok. That's how I got into this nitch world of haiku and haiga.


Devika said...

Your art works really jive well with the haiku, Kuni-san...its always a pleasure looking at it....and your entry is kind of a surprise news...I thought you were probably into it much earlier :)


kuni_san said...

It was a challenge to visualize the effect of sound.

The advent of internet has a lot to do with my getting involved with haiku and haiga, which are small enough to easily pass along by data transmission.

Alan Summers said...

I would have said the same thing as Devika, so this is a fascinating insight! ;-)