January 24, 2011

Haiga 483 Peter Newton haiku 2

Haiku: Peter Newton. Artwork: Kuniharu Shimizu.
Light as a feather is the mood I get from this haiku, and visualized it accordingly by thin lines and pastel colors. Also I invented a font and hand-wrote the verse in a way that fits the haiku and the style of drawing.


Devika said...

Yes, the font suits...the light feeling is there...Nice haiga, Kuni-san :)


kuni_san said...

Without any preconceived intention, I just pick up pencil and doodle, drawing continuous line. After several trials, something usable for haiga results.

Devika said...

Okay,Kuni-san...my mind kind of tries to conceive first and then i leave it there; sometimes it materialises, sometimes not...this interests me; but i hope someday life gives me enough rest and time to take art seriously,

i am saying that humbly
to a master...i get to learn perspectives and visualisations here,


Melissa Allen said...

This is one of my favorite haiku of Peter's and I love your interpretation of it here, Kuni san.

kuni_san said...

Indeed a fine haiku, Melissa san.
My younger brother was a high diver, but his somersault not as elegant as a leaf.

Alan Summers said...

Love the font, the haiku and the artwork.

Alan, With Words
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