January 25, 2011

Haiga 484 Peter Newton haiku 3

Haiku by Peter Newton. Photograph by myself.
When I read this haiku, I wanted to assemble a still-life myself, and make it as the object of the haiga.
For the still-life, I combined something almost permanent (the lens like transparent object) and something transitory (drips of water). Overall gentle and quite grey scale is befitting to the mood of the haiku, I think.
I like transparent object. It is there but at the same time not there. It has its own self, but it dissolve into the surroundings. My last name, Shimizu, means clear water. Maybe that has something to do with my preference to transparency.


Devika said...

haiku itself seems by an artist...and grey scale photo; and more interesting the note and meaning of Shimizu, Kuni-san :)


Jinksy said...

Transparent water can dissolve many a thing within it's being...

kuni_san said...

Devika san, Jinksy san, thanks for your comments.

Water is scientifically called universal solvent.