February 6, 2011

Haiga 495 Yosa Buson haiku 4

Haiku by Yosa Buson. Photo by myself.

My friend, a calligrapher, gave me a small paper screen (about the size of B5 when folded). According to him, you do your calligraphy and paste the paper on the screen and put it on a shelf or some place as a decoration.
I had another use of the screen, which you see here in this photo-haiga.

Incense is an art in many countries. Was quite popular in olden time in Japan, being appreciated in the similar ways as tea ceremony and flower arrangement.


Gillena Cox said...

very nice haiga, i like the moon reflecting the incense globe; much love...

kuni_san said...

Nice to hear your comment, Gillena san. I'm glad to know that you still stay tuned on my blog.