February 6, 2011

World Haiku 2011 anthology published

I received a copy of WH2011 Anthology today.
As in the previous anthologies, there are, in this issue, pages for haiga, chosen from the contests in the previous year. Submitted haiga were predominantly photo-haiga, and I commented on the issue that the contest welcomes haiga done in other various media.

To order the anthology, check the latest new here-> http://www.worldhaiku.net/whatsnew.htm

BTW, I shot this photo in the refregerator, a winter photo so to speak.


Ralf Bröker said...

In the fridge? Wow, that's a surprising location for review-picture, Kuni_San! You made my day!

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

A fridge, a clean one that is, offer interesting environment: white walls, transparent plastic plates, cool lighting. It seems kind of contemporary.

Alenka said...

Looking forward to receive the copy,


word verification: "bistro" - it means "clear" in Slovenian :)