February 28, 2011

Haiga 523 Mark Brooks haiku 1

Haiku by Mark Brooks. Artwork by myself.

spring wind
the hobo's smiling cat
erases herself

Concerning this haiku, Mark san informed me about hobo sign. (see here). I did not know about this practice and i was intrigued. I then wanted to draw my version of the sign, smiling cat, and with the same brush I did the calligraphy. In both process, I kept in mind Spring wind. That's how this haiga came about.

Mark san writes of this haiku, "a firend erased the marking from her mailbox; she had given some panhandling youths some lemonade, of all things, the day before".


Gillena Cox said...

the font complements, so well, the drawing; much love...

kuni_san said...

That's a pretty fast comment, Gillena san. Thanks. I enjoyed drawing this haiga.

Mark Brooks said...

Wow, thank you Kuni-san. I'm flattered that you enjoyed this haiku enough to create with it.

Alan Summers said...

Wonderfully fun haiga that brings out so many of the senses.

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Yoshiko said...

Thank you for the link for hobo sign. I didn't know.
I like this Mark san's haiku very much; and this haiga added humor for its pathos. Nice combination!

Devika said...

That brought a smile, Kuni-san...all but fun, akin to a kind of Alice's Wonder about the Cheshire cat :)


kuni_san said...

I really like this cat drawing myself so I might use it for another graphic assignment.