March 1, 2011

Haiga 524 Mark Brooks haiku 2

Haiku by Mark Brooks. Artwork by myself.

This haiku won the 1st. Prize in 5th Mainichi Contest International Section (2001). I remember it well for it was during the time I was involved with Haijinx, where Mark san was acting as a key person.

For this haiga, the use of brush strokes came to my mind first. I do not know why, I just thought that would be suitable for this hiaku. I made the strokes, and also drew a nail to go with. After a while however, I decided to use actual photograph of a nail. I thought the contrast of the graphic (strokes) and photograph (nail) would be interesting.

As for the haiku text, I tried to express the feel of "withering" by slanting the text a little, applying light color, and making partially fadded


Devika said...

Very nice the art and haiku, Kuni-san :)

though different in meaning and reminded of a saying in our language which roughly translates as -- "don't set out to fence the wind" ...the saying itself comes in other forms "is it possible to fence the wind" etc...


Alan Summers said...

This haiku by Mark is probably my favourite! Great to see it as haiga, thanks Kuni_san! ;-)

all my best,


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Thanks for your post Devika, adds another level of meaning to Mark's haiku. ;-)


Devika said...

Thank you Alan :)


Gillena Cox said...

really nice; the brush and image icons work well together; much love...

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for nice comments, and insight.
I make simple haiga like this one sometimes. The simpler the image, the more thought went into it.